TRANSFORMATIONS // Contemporary Digital Dance

Transformations is an online video dance series made in collaboration with VJ and Video Artist Rafał Fórmaniak. A response to the pandemic and lockdown, the project invited dancers and choreographers to perform in structured improvisations live in front of a video wall that was mixed in real time by VJ Rafał Fórmaniak. Performances were recorded and overlaid with additional effects for broadcast.

Curator: Paul Bargetto
VJ and Video Design: Rafał Fórmaniak VJ Majonez
Artists: Maciej Kuzminski, Liwia Burgiel, Alexey Torgunakov, Alisa Makarenko, Karolina
Kardasz, and Bartłomiej Mieszczak.
Producer: Marta Cienkowska
Broadcast Partner: Studio Barak, ul. Postępu 5, Warszawa