SzepTusia - May 2020 - July 2020

SzepTusia is an A.S.M.R.-inspired travel show created by actress Marta Król-Gajko. Part satire and part fantasy, SzepTusia invited viewers to visit exotic foreign destinations using sound to stimulate their imaginations. Taking its cue from the A.S.M.R. phenomenon on YouTube,  the show channeled the longing for travel during lockdown. A.S.M.R. stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a tingling sensation of sublime audio pleasure. The project was made in collaboration with Rafał Fórmaniak who live-mixed background video for each episode. All published episodes were made in one take without editing.

Artist: Marta Król-Gajko
Artistic Director: Paul Bargetto
Art Design: Rafał Fórmaniak VJ Majonez
Producer: Marta Cienkowska
Costume Design: Katarzyna Wardyńska
Make-up: Joanna Tomaszycka
Broadcast Partner: Studio Barak, ul. Postępu 5, Warszawa