Sekrety u Grega (Secrets With Greg) May - July 2020


Secrets with Greg is a live interactive broadcast inspired by the pay-per-reading mystics and fortune tellers that were once a fixture on late night Polish television. In the show, actor Grzegorz Sierzputowski channeled “Greg,” his mystic alter ego, and took live phone calls from the general public during the height of the Covid epidemic and lockdown. In all, there were seven completely improvised episodes covering a wide range of subjects from the banal to the sublime with a healthy dose of politics, crypto queering, and humor. The program also highlighted the psychedelic stylings of video artist Rafał Fórmaniak and costumes by designer Katarzyna Wardyńska.

Show Host: Grzegorz Sierzputowski
Artistic Director: Paul Bargetto
Art Design: Rafał Fórmaniak VJ Majonez
Producer: Marta Cienkowska
Costume design: Katarzyna Wardyńska
Make up: Joanna Tomaszycka
Broadcast Partner: Studio Barak, ul. Postępu 5, Warszawa